1. Only the specific Guest noted in the booking and in prior written approval from Host are allowed on the promises. Visitors and guests of the original booking Guest are not allowed to stay overnight at the property without the presence of the original booking Guest. A violation of this House Rule will result in the immediate removal of all Guests (and any visitors) from the property without a refund.
  2. Parking is not provided. Designated parking spaces are not to be used,  and not block entry to the parking lot or other parking spaces. 
  3. Your sole right to use the property begins at 3pm on the first day of your booking (check-in) and ends at 10am on the last day of your booking (check-out), unless other times are approved in writing in advance.
  4. Pets are not allowed. Service Animals (a dog or miniature horse) that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities are welcomed. 
  5. Smoking of any type is not allowed inside the Property or within 20 feet of any exterior door of the building. This includes but is not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, incense, or any other type of smoking device. A $200/per day penalty will be incurred if any sign or smell of smoke is encountered during the Guest’s stay or after check-out. Cigarette monitors are installed at the Property and Host will be remotely notified when smoke is present.
  6. No illegal use of Property: No illegal or abusive use of the Internet access is allowed. Illegal substances are strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate eviction from the Property. All Guests and visitors agree that any drug use on the Property, or using the Property for an unlawful purpose, or violation of any law or ordinance on or about the Property will be grounds for immediate eviction and cancellation of reservation. Guest shall be liable for any and all cost incurred by Host, relating to illegal use of the Property, and a refund will not be provided.
  7. Events, and parties are strictly prohibited.
  8. Furniture and Decor: Indoor furniture and decor is not to be rearranged. Under no circumstances should Guest bring indoor decor outside or outside furniture inside. 
  9. All property Home Owner’s Association rules and regulations apply to all Guests and visitors. 
  10. With reasonable notice, Guests shall allow the Property owner, Hosts or any designated party access to the Property for routine maintenance, cleaning, repairs, or inspection of the unit.
  11. If for any reason beyond the control of the owner, the Property is unavailable, we may cancel your reservation with only a refund of the actual fees and/or deposits you have paid.
  12. Guests must comply with all House Rules. Failure to comply with House Rules may result in immediate eviction, cancellation, and/or forfeiture of all monies paid without notice or relocation. Sailor’s Den rules are stated in the manual that is provided digitally with booking confirmation, again ahead of check-in and on-site at the property.  
  13. If Guest violates any of the House Rules they forfeit the right and ability to leave a public review of Property and Hosts. 
  14. We may withhold all or part of your deposit and monies paid if you fail to follow the House Rules in this agreement, the Property listing or the Property house manual. If the cost of damages, losses, or missing items should exceed the amount of the deposit, we will bill you for the difference, notify AirBnB and/or pursue legal action.

Cause(s) for withholding deposit or collecting additional funds include, but are not limited to: damage to procedures; smoke odors, damage or evidence of smoking; mailing charges for items left behind; unauthorized persons visiting or staying on the property; the presence of a pet without authorization; noise complaints alter 10pm, neighbor disruption complaints; trespassing on neighboring properties; and unauthorized late check-out.

This agreement is in effect from the time and date of the confirmation of your booking.